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Home Of The Best Juggling Knives And Dangerous Props

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Welcome to the home of three finger juggling!

We strive to design the highest quality of juggling knife and dangerous juggling props on the market

We here at TFJ have over 20 years of juggling and performing experience which is aiding in creating exciting new props for your performing and juggling needs.
Due to the nature of these props, they are for use of experienced jugglers only
By purchasing from this site you are acknowledging that three finger juggling has no
responsibility for any injurys or damages that occur from any use
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Dont Forget Bags For Your Shiny New Props!

NEW DESIGNS FOR 2016!!!!!!!!!!

Please see the Contact Page For Details
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Never before have there been so many ways to scare and amaze your audience.

These are reputation makers!
Machetes, Light Weight Knives And Saw Blades On A Steeeck! The Gifts That Keep On Giving
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Chain Sword Or Flaming Chain Sword
Need We Say More???????
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The Worlds Only Producer Of Magnetic Juggling Balls And Hairy Ball Bags!!!!!!!!