Due to the nature of these props, they are for use of experienced jugglers only
By purchasing from this site you are acknowledging that three finger juggling has no
responsibility for any injurys or damages that occur from any use
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Key Features:-

Accelerated training method for body catches
Use as Is for Perfect body catches every time
Create 3D juggling patterns
Blend the lines between magic and juggling
Make balls dissapear and re-appear
Endless comedy applications
Huge potential for mind bending flow routines
Easily Add new dimentions to your existing juggling tricks
Easy multiball starts
Excellent Smooth Juggle
Dead Drop
Durable Thick Walled Ball


Three Finger Juggling Presents The Worlds First Magnetic Juggling Ball
With Its Revolutionary Patent Pending Dry Filling

Hairy Ball Bags!!!!!
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Magnum Ball - standard russian feel with audible filling - 100g - $8

Strong Magnet Pouch - Best for sticking balls to the body - $7

Medium Magnet Pouch - Best for body catches - $6

Light Magnet Pouch - Best for easy release of ball - $5

Magnet Suction Cup - Use to attach balls to any smooth flat surface - $6

The Magnum balls are not attracted to one another, rather, they are attracted to magnetic pouches which can be pinned or sewed into clothing or magnetic sucker which can be stuck to any flat smooth surface.

Got Questions? Feel free to email us and talk through you thoughts

Looking For a lighter or heavier ball? Just Email us and we can make any custom weight. We do not recommend going below 60g as it will start to effect the magnetism