Due to the nature of these props, they are for use of experienced jugglers only
By purchasing from this site you are acknowledging that three finger juggling has no
responsibility for any injurys or damages that occur from any use

Beware the Reaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Three Finger Juggling is proud to bring the first ever juggling sickle/scythe custom made for Juggling

The Reaper is designed to be juggled with the point facing towards the juggler. The rear has been weighted to produce a smooth spin and to enable the juggler to re-orientate the blade by just loosening the grip.

The razor sharp looking edges are of course blunt and safe to juggle, but they look mean and ready to reap some souls!!!!! These props look hard to juggle but are actually very smooth and controllable

These are the props for the more experienced Juggler who wants something rare and crazy scary.

Being made of a specialized hardened Stainless Steel these props will not bend, and have the ability to be separated into 2 parts for easier traveling between shows

Available in Both a Black and Natural Oak Handle

Weight: 16 oz

Length: 19 Inches

Price: $50.00 each

Add To Cart Will Add 1 Reaper To Your Cart - Quantities Can Be Changed There


This beautiful Reaper bag will hold a single Prop, with Velcro strips to hold it in place.

These bags ensure your most deadly props stay clean, safe and scratch free while protecting your other props.

Single Bag
3 Single Bags