Due to the nature of these props, they are for use of experienced jugglers only
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The Buc lite is the lightest juggling knife made by three finger juggling. It was designed with a customer for passing with his female partener, as standard knives were too heavy. This knife weighs in at approx. 250g which is the same weight as an average juggling club

This knife is ideal for passing, numbers, jugglers of small frame, and for those long shows or street performances. With the stainless Steel blade and solid oak handle this knife a as balanced, sturdy and scary as our other tried and tested knives

The 7 knife world record is still out there waiting to be taken! If you can juggle 7 clubs, you can now juggle 7 knives! Who will be the first to take the Guiness world record?????????

Buc lites are available on their own or in the buc lite six pack! This is a pack we have put together specifically for the passers out there, you will get 6 buc lites and 2 bags which will hold 3 knives a piece, the perfect combo! Usual price would be $300, but the six pack price is only $250

Just remember, You could have a Buccaneer off with that!!!!!!


 These bags fit a single or set of three of any of our standard knives (Razorbacks, Double Diamonds, and Buccaneers) Or the Machetes. They hold each set of knives tightly, so they won’t fall out easily and they will protect them from scratches and damaging you other props.

The triple bags are capable of holding mix and match sets of knives and machetes

Triple Bag $15.00
Single Bag $8.00
Buc Lite - $45
Buc Lite - $250
Six Pack

Weight: 8.8 oz (250g)

Length: 21 Inches

Price: $45.00 each

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