Due to the nature of these props, they are for use of experienced jugglers only
By purchasing from this site you are acknowledging that three finger juggling has no
responsibility for any injurys or damages that occur from any use

We are proud to present the Three Finger Juggling Buccaneer Knife.

This Tried and true design has stood the challenge of time. We have taken this old favorite, refined the design, tweaked the dimensions and given it a larger sharpened edge.

The Buccaneer knife has a large well balanced blade, one side is sharpened to a
razor sharp edge (well completely blunt edge! but sssshhhhhhhh don’t tell the audience!)

The varnished, real oak handles and EPDM rubber stoppers make these knives a comfortable and well rounded juggle.

Just remember, You could have a Buccaneer off with that!!!!!!


Weight: 12 oz

Length: 21 Inches

Price: $40.00 each

Add To Cart Will Add 1 Knife To Your Cart - Quantities Can Be Changed There

 These bags fit a single or set of three of any of our standard knives (Razorbacks, Double Diamonds, and Buccaneers) Or the Machetes. They hold each set of knives tightly, so they won’t fall out easily and they will protect them from scratches and damaging you other props.

The triple bags are capable of holding mix and match sets of knives and machetes

Triple Bag $15.00
Single Bag $8.00
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